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Auto Tinting

Let's talk about auto tinting, and let's make it easy without a bunch of percentages, charts and graphs. 

The basics:
So you want to get your windows tinted? You need to find a good product and an even better installer. You may have noticed a purple bubbling effect on car windows before, that is a result of adhesive failure and cheap dye causing the color of the tint to fade. This is the typical result of a cheap, low quality window tint. The effects aren't just cosmetic, visibility can be impaired by windows that are bubbling, hazy and purple. Car owners quickly come to the conclusion that they should not have gone with a “quicky" tint job. As a result, car owners now need to have that product removed. Tint removal is not cheap and it introduces the risk of rear defroster damage. Not a fun process.

Now let's talk about a great tinting product, 3M. Did you know that in 1966 the 3M corporation invented window film? Not only did they invent it, but to this day they are the only manufacturer of window film that makes their own adhesive. What does 3M make? Adhesives. These are the trusted products you know and use every day such as scotch tape, post it notes, spray adhesives, glue, etc. You have heard of this company and you trust their products.This is just one reason why Velocity Tint Prefers 3M Window film products over the competition. We use 3M color stable tint on most every vehicle that comes in the shop. This product has extremely high heat reduction and blocks out the damaging rays of the sun. #M Window film has a tough hard coating that resists scratching and scuffing. Best of all this film will never turn purple or bubble on your windshield. Every Velocity Tint 3M tint job comes with a nation wide warranty against peeling, bubbling or discoloration.

There is also the option to install your new tint yourself. Take a look around. Is the shop clean? If not your tint may not be clean either, dirt in your tint does not look good. Is the installer clean? If the installer himself is not clean, consider other options! How long have they been tinting? Experience is everything in this business. Otherwise you may have a sloppy job and a damaged car, so pay attention. Check references such as Facebook, Yelp, etc. to find a shop with a great reputation.

At Velocity Tint we are customer service driven! We own the building where our clean and comfortable shop is located. Our reputation is rated 5 stars on Facebook and Yelp because we strive to give all our customers the best possible tinting experience possible. Head tinter and owner, Roger Craig, has been tinting over 30 years and personally tints every car. Our window tinting jobs appear factory tinted with tight, trimmed edges. We provide both computer cut and hand cut window tinting and always stand behind our work 100%. Now that's some good window tinting that will look great and last a long long time!
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